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Opinion Pieces

"US war veterans tossing medals back at Nato was a heroic act" UK Guardian (May 21, 2012)

"Welcome, Nato, to Chicago's police state" UK Guardian (May 20, 2012) (Photo Essay)

"Laissez-faire with strip-searches: America's two-faced liberalism" UK Guardian (April 30, 2012)

"The Occupy Chicago arrests: Rahm Emanuel's 'dry run' for G8 and Nato?" UK Guardian (February 16, 2012)

Outlawing dissent: Rahm Emanuel's new regime,” UK Guardian (January 19, 2012)

Occupy's new grammar of political disobedience,” UK Guardian (November 30, 2011)

"Occupy Wall Street's 'Political Disobedience'," New York Times (October 13, 2011).

"Sending children to prison for life," Los Angeles Times (October 5, 2009).

"Asylums and Prisons," The Volokh Conspiracy (April 30 - May 4, 2007).

"The Mentally Ill, Behind Bars," The New York Times (January 15, 2007).

"Search and Defend," The New York Times (August 25, 2006).

"Bratton's 'Broken Windows,'" Los Angeles Times (April 20, 2006).

"Is Broken Windows Policing Broken?" Legal Affairs Debate Club (October 17, 2005).

"Policing Disorder: Can we reduce serious crime by punishing petty offenses?" Boston Review (May/April 2002).

"The Broken-Windows Myth," Op-Ed, New York Times (September 11, 2001).


"NATO in the 21st Century: Hearing both sides of the debate " WBEZ (April 11, 2012)

Interview on WBEZ (October, 2011)

"Rétention de sureté et la criminologie actuarielle," Radio program with Antoine Garapon on France Culture (April 2008)  [Link to transcript].

"Tolérance Zero," Radio program with sociologist Jacques Donzelot on France Culture (June 2007).

"Against Prediction," Chicago’s Best Ideas Series (November 2006).

"Language of the Gun," WBEZ (June 2006).

"La justice actuarielle," Radio program with sociologist Gilles Chantraine on France Culture (April 2006).

"Teens and Guns," Chicago’s Best Ideas Series (April 2006).

"Introduction to Richard Rorty’s Dewey Lectures, University of Chicago (April 2006).

"After the War on Crime," [mp3] on Odyssey, WBEZ (November 2004).

"Secrecy in the Courts," [mp3] on Odyssey, WBEZ (February 2004).


Interview at La Coruna, Spain (June 2011). [Download PDF].

CosmoPolis: Rivista Semestrale di Cultura III (February, 2008) [Download PDF].

Interview at La Coruna, Spain (June 17, 2008).

Interview dans le journal français, L’Est Républicain (November 7, 2008).