Los Tocayos Carlos


Linda Perales Vela Ayala: (‘80s, ‘90s) Heard from stepdaughter Pricilla Hernandez that her uncle Carlos Hernandez said he, not Carlos DeLuna, killed Wanda Lopez. (‘98) Married DeLuna’s brother Manuel DeLuna.

Prosecutor Kenneth Botary, Detective Olivia Escobedo: (‘79-‘80) Knew Carlos Hernandez as suspect in murder of Dahlia Sauceda. (‘83) Prosecuted DeLuna for murdering Wanda Lopez. After DeLuna testified that he saw Hernandez attack Lopez, allowed fellow prosecutor to tell jury that Hernandez did not exist.

Criminal Investigator Eddie Cruz: (Late ‘70s) Saw Carlos DeLuna and Carlos Hernandez's together. (‘83, Garza) Testified to Carlos DeLuna's bad character. (‘86, Garza) Arrested Hernandez for killing Dahlia Sauceda.

Manuel DeLuna, Casino Club Owner Yolanda Ortiz: (Late ‘70s) Knew Carlos Hernandez and Carlos DeLuna from Casino Club.

Janie Adrian, Beatrice Tapia, Margie Tapia: (Late ‘70s) Saw Carlos DeLuna with Carlos Hernandez on Carrizo Street. (Early ‘80s, Janie, Beatrice) May have seen Wanda Lopez with Carlos Hernandez or heard him talk about visiting her at the Shamrock Station. (~’83, Janie, Beatrice) Heard Hernandez say he killed Wanda Lopez.

Officer Robert Mayorga: (‘82) Dated Wanda Lopez. (’89) Arrested Carlos Hernandez for assaulting Dina Yãbañez with a knife.