Los Tocayos Carlos
Chapter 2
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Transcribed Videotape Interviews

  1. Transcribed Audiotape Interview with Kevan Baker, Eyewitness to Attack on Wanda Lopez, in Jackson, Michigan (Nov. 22, 2004);

  2. Transcribed Videotape Interview with Hector De Peña, Jr., Trial Lawyer for Carlos DeLuna, in Corpus Christi (Feb. 23, 2005);

  3. Transcribed Videotape Interview with Ruben Rivera, Nueces County Deputy Constable, in Robstown, Texas (Dec. 7, 2004);

  4. Transcribed Videotape Interview with Robert Stange, Shamrock Gas Station Manager, in Fredericksburg, Texas (Feb. 24, 2005);

Notes from Other Interviews

  1. Tamara Theiss’s Notes on Interview with Olivia Escobedo, Corpus Christi Police Detective in Wanda Lopez and Dahlia Sauceda Cases (Feb. 27. 2005);

  2. James S. Liebman’s Notes on Sita Sovin and Lauren Eskenazi’s Interview with Jesse Escochea, Jr., Corpus Christi Police Dispatcher (Feb. 11, 2005);

  3. Kate Wagner McCoy’s Notes on Interview with James J. Vanacek, Fire Department Emergency Medical Technician (Mar. 31, 2005);

  4. James S. Liebman’s Notes on Bruce Whitman’s Interview with Carolyn Vargas Vasquez, Nueces County Constable Who Participated in Arrest of Carlos DeLuna (Nov. 23, 2004);

News Reports

  1. Anderson Cooper 360° (CNN television broadcast Mar. 10, 2005) (transcript available at;

  2. Bryan Dakss, Urban Shootout Raises Eyebrows: Police Use of Firearms in Focus After Gun Battle, The Early Show (May 10, 2005),;

  3. Steve Mills & Maurice Possley, ‘I Didn’t Do It But I Know Who Did,’ New Evidence Suggests a 1989 Execution in Texas Was a Case of Mistaken Identity, First of Three Parts, Chi. Trib., June 25, 2006,,0,653915.story?page=2;

  4. Cindy Tumiel, Convicted Killer Executed After Court Rejects Appeals, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Dec. 7, 1989;

Other Secondary Sources

  1. Corpus Christi City Directory (1983);

  2. Jesse Escochea—Biography,, (last visited Feb. 13, 2012);

  3. Jesse Escochea—Filmography,, (last visited Feb. 13, 2012);

Chapter 2
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