HRLR is proud to announce that the following notes have been chosen for publication. Congratulations to the authors!

Amy Conners - The Scalpel and the Ax: Federal Review of Tribal Decisions in the Interest of Tribal Sovereignty
Hallie Damon - A Reasonable Detention? Rethinking the Material Witness Statute's Probable Cause Standard after al-Kidd
Jason Hipp - Redacting the Constitution: Securing Bruton's Confrontation Protections for a Co-defendant During Non-Evidentiary Counsel Commentary  
Sayoni Maitra - The Sweetest Visa on Earth: Protecting the Rights of J-1 Students in the U.S. Summer Work Travel Program  
Rebecca Orel - Making it Better Now: How Advocates Can and Should Use a Critical Period for LGBT Youth to Create Sustainable Change 
Emily Stork - A Competent Competency Standard: Should it Require a Mental Disease or Defect? 

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