Volume 38.1 - Fall 2006

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review is proud to dedicate its 40th anniversary issue to Columbia University Professor Emeritus Louis Henkin, whose impact on the development of international law and human rights law cannot be overstated. Mapping the course of Professor Henkin's life and career reveals countless scholarly achievements and sheds light on the moral compass of a man who has helped to make the modern world a more humane place. In honoring Professor Henkin's contributions to the human rights field, issue 38.3 offers a collection of tributes and commentaries that focus on the current status and future fate of human rights in the twenty-first century.

From Vermont to Mississippi: Race and Cash Welfare.
Lee A. Harris
A Case for the Prosecution of Kim Jong Il for Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and War Crimes.
Grace M. Kang, Esq.

Social Psychology, Legitimacy, and the Ethical Foundations of Judgment: Importing the Procedural Justice Model to Federal Sentencing Jurisprudence.
Adam Lamparello

The Gender Lines are Marked with Razor Wire: Addressing State Prison Policies and Practices for the Management of Transgender Prisoners.
Sydney Tarzwell
"The Morning After": How Far Can States Go to Restrict Access to Emergency Contraception?
Samantha Harper
Volume 38.2 - Winter 2007
Destructive Ambiguity: Enemy Nationals and the Legal Enabling of Ethnic Conflict in the Middle East.
Michael Kagan
Adjudicating Non-Justiciable Rights: Socio-Economic Rights and the South African Constitutional Court.
Eric C. Christiansen
The Office of the State Attorney General and the Protection of Immigrant Communities: Exploring an Expanded Role.
Addison Thompson

Turning a Weapon Into a Shield: Using the Law to Protect People Living with HIV/AIDS in China from Discrimination.
Orianne Yin Dutka

Volume 38.3 - Spring 2007
Foreword: Human Rights and the "War on Terror".
Tribute to Louis Henkin.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Letter from Lee C. Bolinger
Louis Henkin and the Education of the Federal Judiciary.
Judge Rosemary Barkett

Lou Henkin, Transitional Justice, and the Prevention of Genocide.
Juan Mendez

The Future of Lou Henkin's Human Right Movement.
Harold Hongju Koh

The Legacy of Louis Henkin: Human Rights in the "Age of Terror".
An Interview with Sarah H. Cleveland
The Law of War and Its Pathologies.
George P. Fletcher
The Constitution and Executive Competence in the Post-Cold War World.
Deborah Pearlstein
Knocking on the Torturer's Door: Confronting International Complicity in the U.S. Rendition Program.
Naureen Shah