Volume 39.1 - Fall 2007

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review is proud to present a special issue in volume 39.1 focusing on racial fairness in criminal justice. Twenty years after the pivotal case McCleskey v Kemp, this symposium focuses on what has changed and what problems persist in the criminal justice system.

INTRODUCTION: New Frameworks For Racial Equality In The Criminal Law.
Jeffrey Fagan, Mukul Bakhshi
OPENING REMARKS: Race And The Death Penalty Before And After McCleskey.
Anthony G. Amsterdam
KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Maintaining Hope In The Struggle Against The Constitutional Torelance Of Racial Discrimination.
Theodore M. Shaw
COMMENTARY: Sounding The Echoes of Racial Injustice Beyond The Death Chamber: Proposed Strategies For Moving Past McCleskey.
Miriam S. Gohara
Litigating Civil Rights Cases To Reform Racially Biased Criminal Justice Practices.
David Rudovsky

Race And Proportionality Since McCleskey v. Kemp (1987): Different Actors With Mixes Strategies of Denial and Avoidance.
David C. Baldus, George Woodworth, Catherine M. Grosso

Litigating for Racial Fairness After McCleskey v. Kemp.
Sheri Lynn Johnson

Racial Fairness in the Criminal Justice System: The Role of the Prosecutor.
Angela J. Davis
Legislating Racial Fairness in Criminal Justice.
Olatunde C.A. Johnson
Constructing a Criminal Justice System Free of Racial Bias: An Abolitionist Framework.
Dorothy E. Roberts
Volume 39.2 - Spring 2008
A Global Approach to Secret Evidence: How Human Rights Law Can Reform Our Immigration System.
Jaya Ramji-Nogales
Judging as Nudging: New Governance Approaches for the Enforcement of Constitutional Social and Economic Rights.
Alana Klein
Race, Space, and the Nation-State: Racial Recognition and the Prospects for Substantive Equality Under Anti-Discrimination Law in France and Germany.
Eddie Bruce-Jones
Revitalizing Universal Jurisdiction: Lessons from Hybrid Tribunals Applied to the Case of Hissene Habre.
Tanaz Moghadam

Crying Wolf in the Digital Age: Voluntary Disclosure Under the Stored Communications Act.
Seth Rosenbloom

Volume 39.3 - Summer 2008
Representing Children Representing What?: Critical Reflections on Lawyering for Children.
Annette Ruth Appell
Sharing the American Dream: Towards Formalizing the Status of Long-Term Resident Undocumented Children in the United States.
Ragini Shah

The Intersection of Politics and International Law: The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in Theory and in Practice.
Jared M. Genser, Margaret K. Winterkorn-Meikle

Securitizing Microcredit: The Implications of Securitization for Microcredit Institutions' Human Rights Missions.
Zern-shun Adam Chen

A Criminal Education: Arguing for Adequacy in Adult Correctional Facilities.
Christine D. Ely