Volume 40.1 - Fall 2008

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review is proud to present Volume 40, including special issue 40.1 celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School.

FOREWORD: Human Rights in the United States.
Sarah Cleveland and Catherine Powell
INTRODUCTION: Close to Home: Social Justice Activism and Human Rights.
Cynthia Soohoo

Human Rights at Home: Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Violation.
Caroline Bettinger-Lopez

Bringing Human Rights Home to the World of Detention.
Deborah Labelle
A Movement for Human Rights in the United States: Reasons for Hope.
Larry Cox
BOOK REVIEW: Human Rights in the United States: Reclaiming the History and Ensuring the Future.
Risa E. Kaufman
Unrepeatable Harms: Female Genital Mutilation and Involuntary Sterilization in U.S. Asylum Law.
Carrie Acus Love
Untying the Khulumani Knot: Corporate Aiding and Abetting Liability Under the Alien Tort Claims Act After Sosa.
Teddy Nemeroff
Volume 40.2 - Winter 2009
Dressing Up Title VII's Analysis of Workplace Appearance Policies.
Mark R. Bandsuch, S.J.
Human Persons, Human Rights, and the Distributive Structure of Global Justice.
Robert Hockett
Thick Instrumentalism and Comparative Constitutionalism: The Case of Gay Rights.
Robert Leckey
Obligations and Opportunities to Protect Native American Sacred Sites Located on Public Lands.
Michelle Kay Albert

Indonesia's Use of Capital Punishment for Drug-Trafficking Crimes: Legal Obligations, Extralegal Factors, and the Bali Nine Case.
Colman Lynch

Volume 40.3 - Spring 2009
A Life Worth Living: Enforcement of the Right to Health Through the Right to Life in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
Steven R. Keener and Javier Vasquez
Externalized Borders and the Invisible Refugee.
Lori A. Nessel

Navigating North: How the Canadian Approach to Firm Resettlement Should Guide U.S. Implementation of the Refugee Conventions.
Dana R. Green

Explaining the Sioux Military Commission of 1862.
Maeve Herbert

Punishing Horrific Crime: Reconciling International Prosecution with National Sentencing Practices.
Jessica Leinwand