Volume 42.1 - Fall 2010
Tribute to Louis Henkin
Peter Rosenblum
Light Shining Darkly: Comparing Post-Conflict Constitutional Structures Concerning Speech and Association in Germany and Rwanda
Zachary Pall

Forced Marriage and Asylum: Perceiving the Invisible Harm
Kim Thuy Seelinger

The Paradox of Partnership: Amnesty International, Responsible Advocacy, and NGO Accountability
Diana Hortsch
Human Rights and the Model Rules of Professional Conduct: Intersection and Intergration
Martha F. Davis
Protecting Rights by Rejecting Lawsuits: Using Immunity to Prevent Civil Litigation From Eroding Police Obligations Under Brady v. Maryland
Andrew Case
Diplomatic Assurances Against Torture and Ill Treatment: European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence
Alice Izumo
Volume 42.2 - Winter 2011
There and Back Again: The Strange Journey of Special Advocates and Comparative Law Methodology
David Jenkins
The Constitutional Right to Information
Roy Peled and Yoram Rabin
The Law: What’s Disability Studies Got to Do with It or An Introduction to Disability Legal Studies
Arlene S. Kanter
Using Cognitive Neuroscience to Predict Future Dangerousness
Adam Lamparello
The Potential Impact of CEDAW Ratification on U.S. Employment Discrimination Law: Lessons from Canada
Jessica Riggin
Volume 42.3 - Spring 2011
Unsettling Developments: Terrorism and the New Case for Enhancing Protection and Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, Including Victims of Natural Disasters
Michele R. Pistone and John J. Hoeffner
Beyond the Guantánamo Bind: Pragmatic Multilateralism in Refugee Resettlement
Melissa J. Durkee

Privacy for Children
Benjamin Shmueli and Ayelet Blecher-Prigat

When Cultures Collide: Foreign Direct Investment, Natural Resources, and Indigenous Heritage in International Investment Law
Valentina S. Vadi
Refugees and the Biometric Future: The Impact of Biometrics On Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Achraf Farraj
Testing Justice: Prospects for Constitutional Claims by Victims Whose Rape Kits Remain Untested
Milli Kanani Hansen