Volume 43.1 - Fall 2011
Fair Trade and Child Labor
Shima Baradaran and Stephanie Barclay
The Right to Dignity
Rex D. Glensy

Coordinating U.S. Law on Immigration and Human Trafficking: Lifting the Lamp to Victims
Britta S. Loftus

Tax Dollars Earmarked for Drugs? The Policy and Constitutionality of Drug Testing Welfare Recipients
Walker Newell
Legal Triage for Healthcare Reform: The Conflict Between the ACA and EMTALA
Michelle Nicole Diamond
Restoring Privacy at the Border: Extending the Reasonable Suspicion Standard for Laptop Border Searches
Benjamin J. Rankin
Volume 43.2 - Winter 2012
May it Please the Crowd? The Role of Public Confidence, Public Order, and Public Opinion in Bail for International Criminal Defendants
Caroline Davidson
Respectable Queerness
Yuvraj Joshi
The Iron Curtain Redrawn Between Prisoners and the Constitution
Derek Borchardt
Deciphering Motive: Establishing Sexual Orientation as the “One Central Reason” for Persecution in Asylum Claims
Ritu Ghai
Protecting Native American Communities by Preserving Sovereign Immunity and Determining the Place of Tribal Businesses in the Federal Bankruptcy Code
Alexander Hogan
A Perfect Storm: The U.S. Anti-Trafficking Regime’s Failure to Stop the Sex Trafficking of American Indian Women and Girls
Andrea L. Johnson
Volume 43.3 - Spring 2012
Los Tocayos Carlos
James S. Liebman, Shawn Crowley, Andrew Markquart, Lauren Rosenberg, Lauren Gallo White, and Daniel Zharkovsky